Guaranteed offer and Website Protection against Fortituous

Network Way, ensuring the highest quality services, out of concern for the safety of our customers, introduces a new range of website and content protection services to safeguard against increasingly frequent virus attacks and a range of other failures.

We are introducing a complete package of services which guarantees full restoration of the website after a crash or an attack by malicious software, thus ensuring continuity of service and website and content security.

Depending on individual needs, the whole package or one selected service can be implemented in order to provide comprehensive protection.

Real life stories

We recently worked on a service which no longer had a valid guarantee when it was attacted by malware. It took us a week to remove a Trojan horse.

The website was positioned and, as it was inactive for a week, the client suffered heavily as his ratings fell dramatically. Moreover, the expense associated with the need for immediate intervention was not a pleasant surprise; we ended up breaking it into 3 instalments to help the client settle the unexpected cost.

On the one hand, the guarantee is quite expensive, PLN 450 is quite a substantial amount. On the other hand, PLN 500 is our minimum fee for one-time immediate virus removal. The above-mentioned client received an invoice for PLN 900, broken down into 3 instalments payable in three months.

We believe that it is definitely worth investing in an insurance service. You do not have to be afraid of the unexpected, and a Trojan horse virus infection, for example, can occur at any time.

Our Support Offer

You can make sure that your website is fully protected. And the cost is lower than you think.

Our package includes:
1. Free service restoration after hacker attacks (Trojans) within 24 to 72 hours
2. Free website update to the latest CMS version after hacker attacks
3. Website archiving
4. Free migration to another server (hosting + domain)
5. Free technical support

PLN 600 per year of protection
PLN 1000 per two years of protection


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